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Hello, my name is Earrie Vaughn, you may know me as @eareoke on social media. I'm a Wellness Advocate for Black Women and BIPOC Families. I use my platform to share tips, tools, and resources for personal development and self-identification through Christian principles.

I am known by my friends and family to have a zeal for community
connectedness and creating safe spaces for healing. I believe in the importance of educating marginalized communities, to provide us with an opportunity to consent to the treatment and options presented to us. I strive to educate others as I am becoming informed on things involving wellness, human development, and public health. Through my brand YOURFUTUREMUSE I aspire to help Black Women prioritize their mental health through accessible resources and understand their purpose. I hope to reach individuals and families one-by-one to foster change within our culture, so we may thrive in life, instead of having to navigate cycles of survival. 



Through our products we will bring awareness to the importance of self-exploration, self-care, and a spiritual relationship with God, all while maintaining good mental health practices.


Enlighten Black Women on resources, tools and opportunities for self-development, community connection and spiritual growth.


Empower Black Women to seek help, and access mental health services.


Embrace Black Women so they may thrive in their identities in spite of their experience with intersectionality.

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