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you are seen, you are heard, you are understood, you are celebrated

Explore the nuances of Black Christian womanhood, where faith and resilience intertwine with challenges unique to our journey. Learn why prioritizing your mental health isn't selfish, but a sacred act of self-love – because a healthy mind is the foundation for a thriving you!

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Priscilla Shirer

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Nadine Raphael

Spiritual Health

Remember, sisterhood is key. These resources offer a platform to connect with other Black Christian women who understand your experiences and challenges. Embrace your journey: Let these podcasts, channels, and websites be your companions as you explore your faith, nurture your mental health, and discover the brilliance of who you are in Christ.

CA Black Women's Health Project

Access resources for your mental health, sexual health and more.

The Women's Center

Access resources and learn more about the importance of caring for the mental health of Black Women.

Therapy for Black Girls

Search therapy database to find a therapist appropriate for your needs.

Learn & Communicate

Access important conversations and discussions surrounding our mental health and how we can empower ourselves, and our sisters. 

The Loveland Foundation

Access resources and financial assistance for therapy.

Learn & Educate

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Access articles, studies and websites focusing on the importance of caring for our mental health and the unique approaches necessary for our unique magic, as Black Women.

Mental Health


Far more than a walking group, GirlTREK is a life-saving sisterhood. We are a campaign to heal intergenerational trauma, fight systemic racism and transform Black lives. As women organize walking teams, they also mobilize community members to support advocacy efforts and lead a Civil Rights-inspired health movement.

 Careful Heart Co creates opportunities for others to be intentional about their Self Care and Wellness. We believe that with care, passion, love and faith we can persevere through everything life brings.


Black Women For Wellness is committed to the health and well-being of Black women and girls through health education, empowerment and advocacy.

Empowering Wellness

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